About me

I am a CNRS researcher working in the field of bioinformatics.

My interest is to develop methods for solving concrete biological problems. At present, I am developing methods to identify and reconstruct individual genomes of highly similar bacterial strains in metagenomes.

In my free time I enjoy programming, running, playing piano.

Short bio

I studied Computer Science at the University of Udine (Italy) and earned a PhD in 2016. Under the supervision of Alberto Policriti, I worked on methods for de novo genome assembly and approximate sequence alignment.

During my PhD, I also contributed to the Spruce Genome Project for the assembly of the first draft sequence of the 20-Gbp Picea abies genome. I adapted the assembly reconciliation tool I was developing in order to cope with the large amount of data produced and to improve assembly’s quality.

After the PhD, I started a postdoc at Sorbonne Université (Paris, France). I worked on methods for protein-domain annotation and functional characterization in the Laboratory of Computational and Quantitative Biology, under the supervision of Alessandra Carbone.

In February 2020 I started a postdoc at Institut Pasteur (Paris, France) in the Sequence Bioinformatics team, under the supervision of Rayan Chikhi. I worked on strain-level metagenome assembly and the analysis of sequencing data through k-mer-based methods.

Since February 2023 I am a CNRS researcher at IRISA (Rennes, France) in the Genscale team.

Research interests

  • Metagenome strain-level assembly
  • Haplotype phasing methods
  • Algorithms and data structures for bioinformatics